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Big cat and carp Fishing

Erics Lake - Eric's lake is one of our famous big fish waters, with the average catfish being 40lb+ and the biggest being over 60lb The average carp is 25lb with plenty around the 28lb - 30lbmark and the biggest around 40lb. This lake, along with the Masters, is not for the faint hearted and the correct equipment must be used (see rules). Eric's is best fished with luncheon meat, fish meal, boilies and floating pellets or small live trout for the monster cats (live bait must be purchased on site).

Masters Lake - Masters opened in February 2006; it now has catfish touching 70lb and carp well over 40lb. Average carp weight is well over 20lb - current record 40lb 12oz..

Click here for Coarse Fishing Guide/Rules

Big cat and carp fishing pricing:

Stella Lake - Depth 14ft. Predominantly a silver fish pool with roach up to 3lb, bream up to 8lb and high double carp - record 25lb. Stella offers easy access and close parking, so is ideal for any angler with mobility problems.

Wyre Dell Lake - Recently converted to a coarse lake, it holds a good quantity of carp up to double figures, along with a wide range of silvers, making it an ideal small match or corporate event venue (max. 16 pegs). Available throughout the year.


Stuarts Lake - Stuarts is one of our pleasure pool and holds a few surprises. Average carp double figures - record 25lb. There are catfish up to 47lb, roach to 2½lb, bream over 11lb and golden tench up to 9lb. Best methods are maggots, sweecorn, pellets and fish meal boilies.
Stuarts, Stella and Wyre Dell Pricing:

Pricing 2013
Day ticket (6pm) £19 three rods
Night fishing (6pm - 8am) £24 three rods
24 hours £36 three rods
36 hours £48 three rods
48 hours £60 three rods
168 hours £170 three rods

Non-fishing guests (1 Max)

£5 day
£10 Night

One rod £ 8
Three rods (Maximum) £12
Night from 5pm to 8am £24
24 hours (3 rods) £36
48 hours £60
Concessions £1 off all above
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